We invite you to get away and experience something life changing.


We are excited to invite you to join Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, the rest of the Black Mountain Weekend Board, and other men from all over North Carolina as they recharge at the 7th annual Black Mountain Weekend. Our desire is that each man who attends will feel right at home as they get away from the grind of life, attend the challenging and powerful sessions, and encourage each other through connecting with men across North Carolina. We want each man to return to their county as a light in their family, their churches, and their communities. This is an intimate invite-only event to which we are excited to invite you. We also would like for you to invite others that you believe would be encouraged by this event.

Photography provided by thecove.org



Connect with men across the great state of North Carolina because we know that in order to be our best, we must be surrounded by others who challenge us to get there.



Experience first class speakers that will challenge you in your faith and life so you can be a better father, son, husband, and leader.



Sometimes you just need to get away from the grind of life to refresh and and relax. We provide ample free time with abundant optional activities to allow for you to truly get away.